[lvs-users] ipvs or apache/mod_proxy/mod_balancer

L.S. Keijser leon at linux.nl
Mon Jun 29 20:16:35 BST 2009

On Wed, 2009-06-24 at 07:41 -0700, Olaf Krische wrote:
> A) IPVS behaves like mod_proxy, the chosen Member will see a request coming
> from the LoadBalancer's LAN-IP.
> Bad: I lose the client IP on the Member/real server (in mod_proxy i have at
> least "X-Forwarded-For")

No you don't. LVS-DR (i assume this is what you mean, judging by your
option B's 'Bad' description) just forwards the packet to a realserver.
This sees the request as if the packet would come straight from the
client (eg. not through LVS; it's completely transparent). It will send
the reply back straight to the client.



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