[lvs-users] ipvs or apache/mod_proxy/mod_balancer

Jay Faulkner jay.faulkner at mailtrust.com
Tue Jun 30 15:28:49 BST 2009


> you can do the same config with LVS. Just use NAT mode. The
> disadvantage: it
> does not scale that good because every traffix has to be routed back
> through the
> gateway. As a rule of the thumb you can tell: About 10 to 20 real
> servers  in
> NAT mode.

We use LVS-NAT, and load balance, in some of our clusters, 100 servers. The amount of traffic that LVS-NAT can handle is fully dependent on the amount of network bandwidth available, quality of NICs in the server, and CPU power.

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