[lvs-users] Real and Fallback in Piranha

Sean Drill sean.drill at staff.westnet.com.au
Wed Mar 4 00:00:22 GMT 2009

Hey there
I am attempting to upgrade our internal load balancing system from
ldirectord to lvs with the Piranha front end. As we currently run our
system, we have two servers each running ldirectord/heartbeat, we have
active/standby servers for load balancing, but we also run the virtual
servers as active/standby (or real/fallback in the ldirectord
I have been able to replicate the active/standby for the servers, but
cannot see how I can do active/standby with the virtual servers. I
attempted to set one of the real servers to a priority of 0 and the
other priority 1 whilst using WRR as the load balancing method.
Strangely I still continued to see connections directed to the server
with the priority of 0, which runs in direct contradiction to how I
understanding the priority system works (I understood priority 0 means
accept no new connections)
Anyone who can offer some assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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