[lvs-users] Real and Fallback in Piranha

Sean Drill sean.drill at staff.westnet.com.au
Wed Mar 4 08:07:03 GMT 2009

I believe I may not have explained myself quite clearly, so I will
attempt to  explain this better.

Our current configuration is configured using ldirectord. The active
node hosts all the virtual servers. Each virtual server will have an
active real server, and a backup real server. All the traffic will be
directed to the active real server, unless that server becomes
unreachable, at which point all traffic will be directed to the backup

I am however only able to get piranha/lvs to do load sharing. In this
case as long as both servers are set to UP, then traffic will be
balanced between all servers (determined by load balancing scheme and
weighting.) What I am attempting to do is create a virtual server in
LVS, which has two active REAL servers, however direct traffic only to
one of them, unless otherwise directed or if the active member fail,
then direct traffic to the backup.

I hope this is a little clearer


- Sean 

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On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 1:00 AM, Sean Drill
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> I have been able to replicate the active/standby for the servers, but 
> cannot see how I can do active/standby with the virtual servers. I 
> attempted to set one of the real servers to a priority of 0 and the 
> other priority 1 whilst using WRR as the load balancing method.
> Strangely I still continued to see connections directed to the server 
> with the priority of 0, which runs in direct contradiction to how I 
> understanding the priority system works (I understood priority 0 means

> accept no new connections)

Take a look at

It's probably what you're looking for.

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