[lvs-users] Real and Fallback in Piranha

Tim Bourne tbourne at bsecure.com
Wed Mar 4 19:55:31 GMT 2009

Would another valid approach be to set up your real servers in a
heartbeat config with the 'real IP' failing between them?  I know it
adds another level of configuration/complexity, but I think it would
accomplish what you're looking for.

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Sean Drill wrote:
> I am however only able to get piranha/lvs to do load sharing. In this
> case as long as both servers are set to UP, then traffic will be
> balanced between all servers (determined by load balancing scheme and
> weighting.) What I am attempting to do is create a virtual server in
> LVS, which has two active REAL servers, however direct traffic only to
> one of them, unless otherwise directed or if the active member fail,
> then direct traffic to the backup.

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