[lvs-users] CentOS 4.7 (2.6.9-based) -- LVS-NAT return packets leaving via wrong interface

Charles Duffy charles at dyfis.net
Thu Mar 12 17:20:37 GMT 2009

Graeme Fowler wrote:
> Simple fix: have a single default route. You should only very rarely
> have two defaults. If you make sure your box has a single default route
> via EXTERNAL_GW then your problem will resolve itself.

Except that my box isn't allowed to talk to anything via EXTERNAL_GW; 
packets routed out through it, except those coming from the VIPs, are 
silently dropped. I'm only allowed to talk to the outside world when 
going through <INTERNAL_GW>.

Finding out why, or getting this changed, would mean putting in a work 
order with the firewall guys and waiting a few weeks.

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