[lvs-users] Why do Weights Change by Themselves?

Robinson, Eric eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Thu Mar 26 08:26:21 GMT 2009

I've been using lvs+ldirectord for a while now. I've observed on many
occasions that weights sometimes seem to change spontaneously. For
example, I have three Windows terminal servers as follows:

TCP wlc
  ->           Masq    20    19          0
  ->           Masq    40    51          0
  ->           Masq    40    52          0

The server at is new and still in testing. I want it to
handle less load than the othes, so I set its weight lower.

But then I come back a few hours later and I find it looking something
like this:

TCP wlc
  ->           Masq     1    41          0
  ->           Masq     1    40          1
  ->           Masq     1    41          0

Can anyone suggest a reason why these weights would change by

Eric Robinson

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