[lvs-users] Why do Weights Change by Themselves?

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Thu Mar 26 08:32:08 GMT 2009

On Thu, 2009-03-26 at 01:26 -0700, Robinson, Eric wrote:
> I've been using lvs+ldirectord for a while now. I've observed on many
> occasions that weights sometimes seem to change spontaneously.

Nothing in a computer is ever spontaneous, unless it's broken. Or
overclocked ;-)

Anyway: you'll need to be looking in, or turning up the level of, your
logs. I suspect something, somewhere, is interacting with ldirectord (it
may be ldirectord itself) and is fiddling with the weights in normal

Can you see if anything is logged, and if not consider turning up the
log level?


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