[lvs-users] IMAP slow performance

Dean Manners deanm at ispone.com.au
Tue May 5 03:04:11 BST 2009

Joseph, Thanks for the response.

> If it's happening suddenly, then something is different, 
> although I expect you must have gone through all the likely 
> suspects.

> I assume it's not hardware as POP works and it's not a 
> config problem with the directors, since they both have it.

> Since the local IMAP machine (webmail server) isn't having 
> problems, but remote clients are, did someone put in a 
> firewall rule somewhere?

Have checked our firewall rules (on our 6500) and they have remained
unchanged.  The same statement in the Cisco access-list that permits IMAP
for the troubled virtual IP also permits IMAP for the real servers (that we
don't have trouble with).

Really struggling to think of anymore theories here.. Same virtual IP, same
real servers, with POP3 is working fine.

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