[lvs-users] IMAP slow performance

Dean Manners deanm at ispone.com.au
Tue May 5 03:06:49 BST 2009

David, Thanks for your response.

> how slow are you seeing?

About 15x slower, and very unreliable (timeouts etc).

> my first reaction for something that works going to one IP on a box, but
not to 
> another on the same box/network/NIC is to look at name resolution. any
> that reverse DNS isn't setup for one IP?

That's a good point to look for.  Have now checked the real servers and the
virtual IP, all have their reverse DNS records still intact.
Have also tried swapping around the resolv.conf order to further test the
DNS problem theory.

Clutching at straws of what else to try.  All I can think of left is a
reboot of the director.

Dean Manners

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