[lvs-users] ldirectord feature patch - allow setting of the email From address in alerts

Sean Millichamp sean at bruenor.org
Thu May 14 22:35:33 BST 2009

Patch 3/4

This patch adds an "emailalertfrom" option, allowing the From address of
emails to be set.

This allows the From address used in emails to be set using either the
local system mail facilities or SMTP.  Since this may result in the
source hostname no longer being available in the From, it also adds a
line to the email body indicating the hostname of the system running
ldirectord for identification purposes.

This patch is useful for us as we are forced us as we are forced into
using a corporate mail system with rather limited email filtering
capabilities.  Being able to set the From to a consistent value across
servers helps considerably in being able to filter ldirectord emails

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