[lvs-users] ldirectord feature patch - add abilility to signal system maintenance

Sean Millichamp sean at bruenor.org
Thu May 14 22:35:40 BST 2009

Patch 4/4

This patch adds the ability to notify ldirectord that a system should be
forced down for maintenance (or other reasons) even though the service
check passes.

This patch introduces a new option "maintenancedir" which allows the
administrator to specify a directory in which ldirectord will check
for the existence of files indicating if the realserver should be
forcibly set down (irrespective of and bypassing the normal service

If a site is using a management tool such as cfengine or Puppet that
watches and manages the ldirectord configuration file it may not be
possible or practical to modify the configuration file to remove a
realserver or weight it to 0 during maintenance.  This mechanism
provides a quick and simple way to signal ldirectord that a real server
should be set down without having to modify any configuration files.

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