[lvs-users] ldirectord email features

Malte Geierhos malte at snapscouts.de
Thu Nov 5 13:10:13 GMT 2009


Don't you think this is more or less the meaning of having a "bigger" 
monitoring infrastructur
like Nagios - to handle such things ?
For me it sounds like another approach to reinvent the wheel.
I'd suggest writing a simple nagios check would be a lot easier - there 
you can even fire up
actions if necessary such as trigger a failover between your 
loadbalancers or similar.

> sends me an email alert when services go down, which sometimes works too
> well. A few months ago I was replacing some switches and make a spanning
> tree mistake which caused ldirectord to be unable to reach any of my
> realservers. It took me a while to find the problem, during which I made
> several changes to the network infrastructure. As a result, I got about
> 2500 text messages on my cell phone from ldirectord. More recently, I
> enabled a script that restarts certain services every night, so now I
> get 250 text messages on my cell every night!
> I wish there was a way to tell ldirectord stuff like this:
> 1. Don't send alerts during certain time windows
> 2. Except always send alerts for certain services or hosts, even during
> excluded time windows
> 3. If you find that you are sending a lot of alerts in a short time
> frame (say, more than X per second), wait Y seconds and send an email
> digest, not separate emails for each alert
> That's my Christmas wish list!
The digest function is not supported in Nagios while you can define to 
be only notified once
while a service is in state Critical.

kind regards,
Malte Geierhos

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