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Robinson, Eric eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Thu Nov 5 13:42:00 GMT 2009

> Don't you think this is more or less the meaning of having a "bigger" 
> monitoring infrastructure like Nagios - to handle such things ?

To me it seems like apple and oranges. ldirectord manages lvs and runs
right on the load balancers. It is fast, relaible, and easy for me to
maintain. I'd rather work around the alerting problem than intruduce a
whole new technology that I don't understand as well. But since you
raised the question, does Nagios manage lvs or does it just do
monitoring and alerting? (I'm sure it is possible to have Nagios control
lvs, but is the functionality already there or would I have to write
custom scripts?) Also, can Nagios be managed in turn by heartbeat?

> I'd suggest writing a simple nagios check would be a lot easier 
> - there you can even fire up actions if necessary such as trigger 
> a failover between your loadbalancers or similar.

My load balancer cluster is managed by heartbeat.


Eric Robinson

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