[lvs-users] ldirectord email features

Malte Geierhos malte at snapscouts.de
Thu Nov 5 13:53:28 GMT 2009

> To me it seems like apple and oranges. ldirectord manages lvs and runs
> right on the load balancers. It is fast, relaible, and easy for me to
> maintain. I'd rather work around the alerting problem than intruduce a
> whole new technology that I don't understand as well. But since you
> raised the question, does Nagios manage lvs or does it just do
> monitoring and alerting? (I'm sure it is possible to have Nagios control
> lvs, but is the functionality already there or would I have to write
> custom scripts?) Also, can Nagios be managed in turn by heartbeat?
no - but Nagios can monitor your Heartbeat infrastructure and alert the 
right persons if something went wrong.
Heartbeat itself can only handle a absolut minimum like writing mail if 
something changed (failover i.e.)
For sure typical Nagios Check interval is 3 to 10 minutes (free 
configurable) which is by far slower then
using a Monitor Operation with 10s in Heartbeat.

But what i really meant is - that normally contacting the right people 
in with the right media in defined times
is more or less a typical issue for Monitor & Alerting systems.

>> I'd suggest writing a simple nagios check would be a lot easier
>> - there you can even fire up actions if necessary such as trigger
>> a failover between your loadbalancers or similar.
> My load balancer cluster is managed by heartbeat.
Of course i monitor my heartbeat cluster with Nagios...
see crm_mon -s for instance .
For sure you can break it down to groups, ressources and so on as well.
I just meant the Logic would somewhat bloat ldirectord to something 
which already exists as proven solution.

kind regards,
Malte Geierhos

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