[lvs-users] Real server refuses packets originated from itself and redirected by LVS

Ondrej.Rajmon at cuzk.cz Ondrej.Rajmon at cuzk.cz
Fri Nov 6 10:55:41 GMT 2009

Yes, right now it is on. But I have tested both states on/off. As I wrote in my last post - as far as I understand http://tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/proc.html , the rp_filter is related to my problem, but don't solve it.


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Ondrej.Rajmon at cuzk.cz wrote:
> When RS1 connects to itself thru VIP, TCP connection is not
> established. Using tcpdump I can see that the SYN packet leaves an
> RS1's interface and immediately arrives back as it's redirected by
> LB. So it looks well and correctly. But when watching
> NAT-prerouting table, the packet doesn't appear there. It seems as
> the packet get lost somewhere between an input interface and the
> prerouting hook. I don't understand ... Can anybody explain that
> behaviour?

Is the rp_filter sysctl on by any chance?


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