[lvs-users] ldirectord email features

anthony.ciaravalo at on2.com anthony.ciaravalo at on2.com
Sat Nov 7 01:57:07 GMT 2009

Simon Horman wrote:
>> 3. if using multiple configuration files/ldirectord processes, you would
>> then probably need to have something like a control file that is accessed
>> (read/write) by any ldirectord process.  That means adding a lock file
>> and checking.  I am not sure if there would be a better way to implement
>> it.  There is the emailalertfreq option that limits how many times an
>> email is sent on a per service basis.  You can set that to a higher value
>> to limit the amount of emails you get per service when its down.
> I'm not sure why you feel such locking would be necessary.
> The configs in different config files should be independent of
> each other.

if the throttling/digest of alerts is strictly based on a per configuration file/single ldirectord process basis, then it makes sense for them to be independent of each other.  if the throttling/digest of alerts is based on multiple config files and there are many of those then having a single
control file would potentially reduce the amount of simultaneous open files.

i am not sure if eric is using for example a single config file/ldirectord process with 300 services in it, or 300 config files/ldirectord processes each with a single service.  i could see how the latter would cause thousands of files to be open if each ldirectord had to open all other control
files to determine throttling/digesting which was why i was suggesting the use of a single control file for all processes.


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