[lvs-users] emailalertperiod configuration option

Anthony Ciaravalo anthony at duck.com
Wed Nov 11 15:43:44 GMT 2009


Reading through the documentation for Time::Period again, I think the best way to cover the 24 hour period is probably to just use
hr {0-23}
which covers from 0 hour through 23:59:59

"v isn't a point in time. In the context of the hour scale, 9 specifies the time period from 9:00:00 am to 9:59:59 am"

In one section it states
"For the range specification v-v, if the second value is larger than the first value, the range wraps around unless the scale specification is year."

then further down it says,
"To specify the morning, use  hour { 12am-11am }"

but I think that only wraps around for am only; not through pm and back to am.

so that means the default variable $EMAILALERTPERIOD setting should be
wd {Mon-Sun} hr {0-23}

or wd {Sun-Sat} hr {0-23}, if the preference is for starting the week on sunday.

I think using
wd {Mon-Sun} hr {12am-11am}, wd {Mon-Sun} hr {12pm-11pm}

would also work for covering am and pm, since you can specify multiple time periods

I prefer using a 24 hour clock myself.  It looks cleaner that way.


Robinson, Eric wrote:
>> Also, what are the thoughts of having the configuration option 
>> be exclusive instead
> Inclusive or exclusive works equally well for me. It'll be a few days
> before I can upgrade my ldirectord to the current version and start
> testing...
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> Eric Robinson
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