[lvs-users] LVS vs commercial LB in critical environment

Jay Faulkner jay.faulkner at mailtrust.com
Fri Nov 20 15:42:07 GMT 2009

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> Siim,
> I use LVS for more than 3 years now, distributing requests to 60 web
> servers for airline companies B2C and B2B systems.
> One of my directors is up for 795 days, load avareged 0%, handling 300
> connections per real server and 40 Mbps os traffic constantly.
> You cannot go wrong using lvs and keepalived for failover protection.
> It is definitely one of the best piece of software I ever used.

Just as a note, we're load balancing a heck of a lot more connections per real server, and a bunch more bandwidth than this without any problem. 

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