[lvs-users] LVS vs commercial LB in critical environment

Siim Põder siim at p6drad-teel.net
Fri Nov 20 16:37:10 GMT 2009


Jay Faulkner wrote:
> surprised to still see it. Hasn't Apache, Linux, and other, almost
> standard open source technologies killed off that argument?

Apparently not. As far as I understood:
1. commercial vendors have certifications
2. commercial vendors can be pressured to provide patches to problems
3. commercial vendors are used more often in critical envs and thus
better tested in environments similar to ours

1. is not a real argument, unless you are required by law to use
certified products. certification may prove something but lack of
certification certainly does not.
2 may very well be the other way around, the vendor may leave you
cleaning up their mess. there are probably more options of getting
problems resolved with open source products.
3 can hopefully be alleviated with a few examples (thanks for those).


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