[lvs-users] LVS and Broadcom bug

Aleksey Chudov aleksey at bb.lv
Sat Nov 21 00:30:09 GMT 2009

Thank you, Graeme.

I'll send this messages to lvs-devel list.

Regards, Aleksey

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On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 01:13 +0200, Aleksey Chudov wrote:
> As problem is only with LVS enabled Kernel I think that it is LVS specific
> bug and should be fixed.

Apologies for arguing:

As the problem is only with an LVS enabled kernel using the Broadcom 10
Gb PCI driver, and one of those codebases is far newer than the other,
one of them needs fixing.

I would surmise that since the bug has only surfaced recently, and only
wirh Broadcom cards, that the bug is within the driver for those cards.

As I don't have one, and I would hazard a guess that no LVS developers
do, tracking that one down is going to be really rather hard. In any
case, the -devel list is the place for it rather than this one.


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