[lvs-users] Load Balancer Not Listening on Specified Ports

mojorising moj0rising at aim.com
Fri Oct 23 23:25:25 BST 2009

Hello! I am having some trouble with a test set up of LVS.

I am trying to balance traffic between two web servers listening on port 80.

The web servers are up and running. I can download web pages
successfully from them from my desktop as well as directly from the
load balancer with netcat or similar.

When I try to access the web servers from my desktop via the load
balancer virtual IP, the connection times out. I get replies when
pining that IP and it shows up assigned to eth0:1 When I probe port
8080 on that same virtual IP from my desktop, it looks like no
services listening on that port. netstat on the load balancer shows no
services are indeed listening on that port. iptables is stopped. The
configuration has been checked by me and a co-worker several times and
it looks right as far as we can tell. It defintely looks like LVS
should be listening on 8080. The contents of my lvs.cf file are pasted
below this message.

/varlog/messages says (public IP changed for privacy):
Oct 23 14:15:40 omsbuild nanny[25773]: READ to 65.39.129.xxx:80 timed out
Oct 23 14:15:47 omsbuild nanny[25772]: READ to timed out
Oct 23 14:15:52 omsbuild nanny[25773]: READ to 65.39.129.xxx:80 timed out
Oct 23 14:15:59 omsbuild nanny[25772]: READ to timed out

I am also using piranha-gui but we tried starting nanny processes from
the command line (for the heck of it) and got the same results. When
we first checked, there were "extra" nanny processes listening on
different ports (from when I was testing different configurations on
the GUI -- they never stopped after I changed the configuration, for
some reason). It almost looks like the error messages from
/var/log/messages and the other symptoms I am seeing are from two
different problems but I'm not sure.

Can you tell me why no services are listening on the ports they should
be listening on? I've been over this quite a few times, checked the
documentation, searched Google and still haven't seen much that I was
able to use to resolve the issue. There was one interesting line at
under item 7.6 -- "ipvsadm (on the director) has not added the service
to the forwarding table (seen in the output of ipvsadm)." I'm not sure
if this applies to me, if so, how can I get thes service in the
forwarding table?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.


serial_no = 74
primary =
service = lvs
backup =
heartbeat = 1
heartbeat_port = 539
keepalive = 6
deadtime = 18
network = direct
debug_level = NONE
virtual test1 {
     active = 1
     address = eth0:1
     vip_nmask =
     port = 8080
     expect = "HTTP"
     use_regex = 0
     load_monitor = none
     scheduler = lc
     protocol = tcp
     timeout = 6
     reentry = 15
     quiesce_server = 0
     server Speedy {
         address =
         active = 1
         port = 80
         weight = 1
     server test1 {
         address = 65.39.129.xxx
         active = 1
         port = 80
         weight = 1

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