[lvs-users] Loadbalacing (DR) without assigning the VIP to loadbalancer

Ruben Laban r.laban at ism.nl
Wed Dec 22 14:44:07 GMT 2010

Hello list,

I'm trying to do direct-routing loadbalancing of a complete /23 (for now, will 
grow to roughly a /21). However, it seems that IPVS only picks up traffic for a 
VIP, when it's actually configured on the loadbalancer itself. I was hoping I 
could just route the /23 (or /21) to the loadbalancer and that IPVS would pick 
it up from there. Having to add all IPs of the /23 to my heartbeat config 
surely isn't ideal: failover time would be quite dramatic. So, is this kind of 
"routed" setup possible at all currently?

Ruben Laban

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