[lvs-users] keepalived: can it be used in cloud environment?

Siim Põder siim at p6drad-teel.net
Thu Jan 14 07:59:59 GMT 2010


Gerry Reno wrote:
> Now the servers.d/ files could be generated/removed according to current 
> active instances and then if the keepalived daemon/server needed 
> restarting it would always have the current state for the real servers.

Right now you could just generate the whole keepalived.conf. You can
use a macro language or a script that will parse the "import path"
keywords and generate keepalived.conf from keepalived.tpl (or such).

for example, organize things such that the configuration is generated by:
m4 keepalived.tpl > keepalived.conf

then you can use this in keepalived.tpl:

But you are correct, the configuration language for keepalived could
be quite a bit better :)


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