[lvs-users] Disable a real server

Diego Bello dbello at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 12:45:08 GMT 2010

Hi guys,

I just subscribed to this list and this is my first question: Is there a way
to automatically disable a real server?

What I need to do is a postgres virtual server, whose realservers' databases
will be updated once a week. The idea is to disable a real server and
update, then enable it again. I know I can do it using piranha, but I need
to do it with a script or something.

The only way I see is to change the router's configuration (lvs.conf) and
reload piranha, but I'm not totally sure if it's a good idea to change the
configuration only for that, considering that the cluster also works with
more virtual servers.

Is there any other way?


Diego Bello Carreño

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