[lvs-users] Realservers as LVS clients in LVS-NAT..

Kristoffer Egefelt dr.fersken at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 15:05:36 BST 2010

Hi list
I've been working around this issue for years using split DNS, DNAT
rules which bypasses LVS etc. - now I really need this to work the
"correct" way, ie. realservers can connect to VIP's the exact same way
internet clients can.

While Graeme Fowler's solution at:


from 2005 probably works, it still seems (to me anyway ;) that this is
a bit long-winded when dealing with a lot of realservers and VIP's.

If anybody have found a better / easier solution, or can recommend
which solution would be the best, I would be very interested.
All kinds of solutions will be appreciated, including buying more
interfaces, even lvs servers etc...

Thanks :-)


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