[lvs-users] Zero Active/Inactive connection

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Fri Oct 29 12:25:09 BST 2010


Your mail client is breaking the list address again... so I've cc'd the
list in response.

On Fri, 2010-10-29 at 13:07 +0530, Himanshu Raina wrote:
> Precisely, but my question is why would LVS mess only for one such
> domain. Also, why wouldn't a stop/start help in this case as opposed to
> kill/start. Also, when I checked the ARP table I didn't have any entry
> for the troubled IP or MAC. Moreover, if it is an ARP problem what is
> the work around and how does one solve such a problem.

Have you even looked at the comprehensive documentation which is linked
to in the footer of every single list message?

The ARP problem is a fundamental issue with LVS-DR, requiring that the
realservers are configured in such a way that they do not respond to ARP
requests for the VIP.

If they are not, then very unusual traffic characteristics can occur for
a given set of VIPs. Some will always go via the director, some will hop
around, and some will almost always "stick" to a realserver. It depends
entirely on local network configuration, devices, and network traffic

Please - have a read. It's probably the single widest documented LVS


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