[lvs-users] Looking for Keepalived VRRP VMAC beta testers

Alexandre Cassen Alexandre.Cassen at free.fr
Fri Apr 15 03:36:31 BST 2011

Hi folks,

I am working right now with Roy in order to add support to VRRP VMAC into Keepalived. It is using the low-level machinery of macvlan.

Code is currently committed into keepalived 1.2.0 branch. In order to activate VMAC on a specific interface, just add the keyword "use_vmac" into instance configuration (and of course makesure your kernel is built with macvlan support). In most case you will need to set arp_ignore=2 on interface VRRP is bound to.

I would really appreciate if some of you could find out a little time in order to test this new feature.


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