[lvs-users] [OT] High Performance Linux Firewall / VPN Device?

Robinson, Eric eric.robinson at psmnv.com
Mon Aug 15 17:36:31 BST 2011

> it's running 10-50% CPU for about 5KBps. Maybe it's a
> wrt54gs?

Lol. I didn't actually check it. After seeing their performance specs I
was not encouraged to go further.

> I like their webpages though.
> > By golly, they do. 400Mbps of VPN throughput is rather
> > disappointingly low.
> Did you find a price?

No, but if I went with their custom hardware I suspect it would be

> > I was hoping to build a home-brew solution that would be
> > at least twice that, considering that one can buy a used
> > NetScreen or Nokia firewall that handles 25,000 tunnels at
> > 1+ Gbps throughput for about $3K.
> You're going to be spending a bit of time to home brew. If
> your time is your own that's one thing, but if this is real
> business, I'd be buying the appliance.

My conclusion, too.

> There's some lesson here about packaging products and why
> having people who write GPL software doesn't make money.
> It seems that writing the code (eg OpenVPN) isn't the hard
> part. Someone will do this for you for free. Endian had to
> design and build hardware, make sure it worked, get it UL
> certified, write configure scripts (and ones that would run
> inside a webpage), put up a nice webpage and pay people for
> about a year before the income stream started, with no real
> idea what to do if it didn't start.
> Way back when the www started I wrote a demo PoS from which
> I hoped to make a packet. I realised that I'd have to get
> SSL certs and talk to banks etc to get them to handle the
> credit cards. So I knew I wasn't there. The customer wasn't
> interested (and later closed, possibly from having missed an
> opprtunity), so I dropped it. Not long after (well a couple
> of years), people had the on-line credit card stuff all
> packaged up and you just linked to their site to handle
> psyments. After that I realised I had been a little naive. I
> had a year to occupy that niche (including the commitment of
> time and money) or forget it. I could never have made it
> with just one on-line store and me in the basement.
> Joe

I hear ya. Sometimes I look back at where I started (back when the
Internet was still non-commercial and FiDONET was the preferred
communication mechanism) and I am alternately saddened by the
opportunities I squandered, or comforted by the ones I did not pursue
and later realized it was a dead end.


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