[lvs-users] IPv6 vs IPv4 fwmark services

Sohgo Takeuchi sohgo at sohgo.dyndns.org
Tue Feb 15 08:44:32 GMT 2011

From: Ferenc Wagner <wferi at niif.hu>
> Sohgo Takeuchi <sohgo at sohgo.dyndns.org> writes:
>> From: Ferenc Wagner <wferi at niif.hu>
>>> I'm running ldirectord with
>>> http://hg.linux-ha.org/agents/rev/6e8b562f5414 applied for better IPv6
>>> support.  Basically, it works fine, thanks for implementing this.  But I
>>> wonder whether there's a fundamental reason for not allowing IPv4 and
>>> IPv6 virtual services with the same fwmark, like
>>> virtual=1
>>>   [...]
>>> virtual6=1
>>>   [...]
>>> which results in
>>> Error [21297] reading file /etc/ldirectord.cf at line 15: duplicate virtual server
>>> if tried.  Is this only an overzealous sanity check in ldirectord, or
>>> are iptables and ip6tables fwmarks actually related somehow?
>> Thanks for the report.
>> When I enhanced the IPv6 support of ldirectord, I forgotten to
>> take care about this case. I also think that ldirectord should
>> support this case.
> Great, and thanks for taking care of IPv6 support in ldirectord!
> So what do you think about my patch?  Not that I feel strongly about
> it, but I'd better stop using it if it's broken...

I've used your patch. It works good in my environment too.
Thanks for the patch!

I've found that another problem about an IPv6 fwmark of
ldirectord. The ldirectord does not handle an output of the
ipvsadm command when using an IPv6 fwmark.  I've made a
patch. If you are interested in the patch, please try.

Thank you.

-- sohgo
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