[lvs-users] LVS RR becomes unbalanced after time

Victor Sartori victor at sartori.eti.br
Mon Jul 4 18:02:44 BST 2011

looking on my logs, i found this:

keepalived[10079]: segfault at 0 ip 0000000000407f6b sp 00007fffd2e5f0d0
error 6 in keepalived[400000+29000]

Did you have the same segfault too?


2011/7/4 Luc van Donkersgoed <luc at codingdutchmen.com>

> Well, just ploughing on, I came to the conclusion that because there are no
> ActiveConn and InactiveConn, the total number of connections (as displayed
> in ipvsadm -ln --stats) does not get updated. This means there is no trigger
> for the loadbalancer to send requests to the next server, which results in
> all the request being sent to the same realserver.
> The root of the problem therefore seems to be that the ActiveConn and
> InactiveConn don't get updated, even while new clients are connecting.
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