[lvs-users] Multiple floating IPs on nat_router (LVS on RHEL6.1)

Andreadis Pantelis paddy at ote.gr
Fri Jul 8 14:20:17 BST 2011

Hello everyone

I am in the process of migrating a heartbeat/ldirectord RHEL3 enterprise cluster which functioned as a load balancer to multiple networks / vlans / web farms.
My new servers run on RHEL 6.1.  I installed the LVS package (piranha / pulse) and configured it as a NAT router and it is working properly.

The problem is that I also had a lot of servers on different internal VLANs using the RHEL3 cluster as a firewall/router, which means that although I didn't have any entries for them on the ldirectord.cf file, they had the RHEL3 cluster as their default gateway.  The cluster had a bunch of tagged vlans configured (bond1.35, bond1.39 etc. etc.)  On haresources I had a bunch of both external AND internal (floating) IPs which were assigned to the active balancer node.

On RHEL6.1 though I found no way to configure more than one IPs as floating (nat_router=).

What am I missing ?

Thank you very much for your time


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