[lvs-users] [Keepalived] Real IP and virtual IP not in the same subnet

Patrick Schaaf netdev at bof.de
Fri Jul 8 16:25:29 BST 2011

> vrrp_instance app_master {
>      virtual_router_id 36
> }
> The BACKUP conf is quite the same except the "state" and "priority" 
> directives of course.

Probably won't help, but - you DO have the SAME virtual_router_id on
both machines?

I got bitten by my brain telling me to use DIFFERENT ones when I first
started playing with keepalived a year ago, and the results were EXACTLY
what you describe - vrrp going back and forth quite fine, even up to the
point where strace shows you that keepalived receives the packet from
the other machine, but then it seems to be ignored.

keepalived drops received VRRP packets when they have a
virtual_router_id different from its own - and that is quite correct.
Unformtunately it does so silently...

Cost me one week of digging in all the wrong places, back then...

best regards

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