[lvs-users] Questions about stability

Henrik Johansson henrik.l.johansson at nll.se
Mon Jul 18 11:49:09 BST 2011


My organisation has been testing lvs since last summer.
The load-balancing has stopped working twice, at two different sites and OS:es, there are no logs from these two occasions.

I've done some simple tests on CentOS 5.5 and RHEL 6.0 and 6.1:
When I send kill (HUP) to a pulse- or the lvsd-process, the pulse-processes dies and the lvsd-process goes into defunct status and the load-balancer stops working.

I've searched this mailinglist and bug-reports for CentOS and RedHat Linux, without success.
I've reported a bug at both CentOS and RedHat, in May 2011, no reaction so far.

Are there anyone that has experienced the same sort of problem?


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