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Emilio Campos emilio.campos.martin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 07:59:23 BST 2011

Hi Rasool, depending your software works, LVS works on comunications
level, like TCP, UDP, if you need comunication between process on
systems,  I recommend you a distribute cluster like beowulf, for

Tell us more about your medicine software, how work, which architecture need?

2011/6/13 Rasool Jalali <r_jalali at ymail.com>:
> Hi everyone
> I am a newcomer to LVS and Linux clustering and I have a question about lvs.
> Is lvs suitable for high performance computing?I have 8 Linux node and I will run medicine software on them.My goal is distribute cpu task on 8 node and I dont want write any code.
> Please help.
> Thanks
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