[lvs-users] Fwd: Firewall clustering

CeR cer.inet at linuxmail.org
Tue May 17 12:56:22 BST 2011

> the usual way that LVS is used with pacemaker is that you have a HA pair of
> LVS laod balancer boxes that load balance across a farm of additional
> servers, but the LVS boxes themselves are active/bassive

Thanks, I will take a look.

No. CLUSTERIP only works on the INPUT chain, not on the forward chain.
> Believe me that you do not want to setup an active/active firewall, but an
> active/passive cluster.

What do you mean? Could you be more specific?
OK to not user CLUSTERIP. But what about an active/active cluster for
firewalling? Is there any problem?

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