[lvs-users] Real Server not removed from pool

Andre Magri andremag at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 06:28:02 GMT 2011

I am using DR and using an external program to check whether a server is
alive or not:

     send_program = "/root/chknanny.sh %h"
     expect = "SERVER_OK"
     load_monitor = none
     scheduler = wlc
     protocol = tcp
     timeout = 10
     reentry = 10

This is the chknanny.sh script:
lynx -dump "http://$1/TestServer.ashx"

Which should return SERVER_OK . If it does not or it times out the server
should be removed from the pool.

I'm having a situation where lynx does not return SERVER_OK but the timeout
value of 10 seems to have no effect.  The server still remains in the
server pool which is stranges cause messages log file report this:
Nov 26 01:34:13 dell-LB1 nanny[2753]: Ran the external sending program to ( but didn't get anything back

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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