[lvs-users] Proxy Sites configuration for LVS

shin fukuda albert at nn.iij4u.or.jp
Wed Nov 30 00:53:37 GMT 2011


I'd like to set LVS(NAT) for the Proxy(http, https, rtmp). 
The real servers are needs to gets Original contents from
Origin Sites through same LVS NAT. 

             (origin site)
 (client) --- [LVS NAT] == [REAL Server(varnish or ...)]

  1. client http requests. but cache miss.
  2. REAL Server http get to origin sites. (origins are on internet)
  3. REAL Server cache and response to requests.
  4. client 200 gets

My probelems are the real server needs to connecting to 
other global sites. 

How to configure this ?

Best Regards

<albert at nn.iij4u.or.jp>

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