[lvs-users] WLC Slow start for 2.6.x kernel

Aleksey Chudov aleksey.chudov at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 08:48:13 BST 2011


>> Thank you for great work.

> You are very welcome! :)

>> We have few heavy loaded LVS system with a lot of connections.

> Sounds nice, but please treat this as experimental feature and therefore be careful if your systems are mission critical,
> and your production environment cannot run into an inconvenience at any time. I would want to avoid breaking your infrastructure if possible :-)

I'll plan to install patched Kernel on backup LVS node and perform tests by directing traffic thru the slave node during night hours.

>> I'll test patch as soon as possible.

>Amazing! Thank you in advance ;-)

Could you please explain how exactly slow start mechanism works?
Is there any configuration for slow start period of time, limit for maximum connections or/and connection rate?

For example, by now we are using the following shell script to bring up failed real servers:
i=1; while [ $i -le 100 ]; do ipvsadm -e -t <VIP>:http -r <RS>:http -i -w $i; echo "$(date +"%F %T") Weight set to $i"; sleep 10; ((i++)); done

It is not the best solution because depending of servers load sleep interval must be changed.
So limiting maximum connections or/and connection rate sounds more convenient.

Best regards,

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