[lvs-users] LVS-DR and IPv6 as loopback on Realserver

Lutz Griesbach lgr at elgonzo.com
Tue Sep 27 15:38:39 BST 2011

Hi there,

I'm trying to test a LVS-DR Setup with IPv6, however i am having problems
getting the realservers accept packets with VIP in destination.

I can see in tcpdump that th LVS rewrites the ethernet Frame of incoming
packets on the interface where the VIP is confirgured with the MAC
Destination of the Realserver.

It seems though, that the realserver doesn't catch the packet, even though
the VIP is configured on the loopback device.

The same setup implemented with IPv4 works flawless.

Here's my test setup: (centOS 6.0, 2.6.32 on lvs as well as on realserver)

[root at lvs-router1 ~]# ipvsadm -S
-A -t [fdd0:dead:beef::10]:domain -s wlc -p 5
-a -t [fdd0:dead:beef::10]:domain -r [fdd0:feed:bebe::11]:domain -g -w 100
-A -u [fdd0:dead:beef::10]:domain -s wlc -p 5
-a -u [fdd0:dead:beef::10]:domain -r [fdd0:feed:bebe::11]:domain -g -w 100

lvs-router: fdd0:dead:beef::10/64 (eth0) ->VIP
                 fdd0:feed:bebe::10/64 (eth1)
Realserver: fdd0:feed:bebe::11 (eth0)
                    fdd0:dead:beef::10/128 (lo) ->VIP

Router and Realserver are on same datalink and and have
the same default-gw on their net.

On IPv4 i know i have to make sure, arp requests are handled properly
and arp_anounce settings) so my guess is, this has to be done somehow for ndp
as well, but i'm stuck here.

Any hints?


Lutz Griesbach

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