[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.5

Alexandre Cassen acassen at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 19:49:44 BST 2012


Just commited last release of Keepalived. This release is mainly an SNMP 
release. I merged work done by Vincent Bernat. This is a good job 
Vincent ! thanks a lot for your time and right work.

ChangeLog for this release looks like :

2012-08-13  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen at linux-vs.org>
         * keepalived-1.2.5 released.
         * Merge SNMP support from Vincent Bernat.
         * SNMP is not compiled nor activated by default.
         * Updated autoconf script
         * Created Keepalived MIB
         * Integration of NetSNMP into main scheduling loop
         * vrrp: Most internal data can be queried with SNMP.
         * check: Most internal values can be queried using SNMP.
           The main exception is the ability to query checkers
           which is not present.
         * check: SNMP support for IPVS stats. IPVS stats are
           exported with SNMP. A cache is used to avoid to query
           the kernel too much.
         * Created core framework for SNMP trap
         * vrrp: SNMP traps are sent when instance state changes
           and when sync group state changes
         * check: SNMP traprs are sent when real server state changes
           and when virtual server quorum state changes
         * vrrp: add support to write/update operations from SNMP.
           Write/update support is available for changing the base
           priority and for changing instance preemption.
         * check: add support to write/update operations from SNMP.
           Write support is available for changing the weight of a real
         * workaround for AgentX ping blocking Keepalived. When
           establishing AgentX session with the master agent, we setup
           low timeout and retries values. If the master agent is
           blocked, we will wait for less than 1 second for them and
           therefore, there will be no disruption for VRRP.
         * Copyright update
         * some cosmetics.

more upcoming,

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