[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived-1.2.6

Alexandre Cassen acassen at freebox.fr
Mon Aug 20 15:39:00 BST 2012

Hi folks,

I just pusher to keepalived.org website new release.

ChangeLog for this release looks like :

2012-08-20  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen at linux-vs.org>
        * keepalived-1.2.6 released.
        * Rename global config data variable 'global_data'.
          From Ryan O'Hara :
          This patch renames the global configuration data
          variable from 'data' to 'global_data'. Three reasons for
          renaming this varibale:
          - Fixes shadow declaration of 'data' in several locations.
          - Is more consistent with other global data variables
            (ie. vrrp_data, check_data).
          - Functions like free_global_data and dump_global_data were
            ignoring conf_data_t argument and using global variable
        * Ryan O'Hara: Fix shadow declaration of 'vrrp_data' variable.
        * Ryan O'Hara: Fix shadow declaration of 'check_data' variable.
        * Ryan O'Hara: Remove shadow declaration of 'element e' in
        * check: Avoid the use of kernel defines in libipvs userland
        * vrrp: Correctly handle macvlan interface when config file is
          re-loaded. From Bob Gilligan :
          Testing with the 1.2.0 branch, bring keepalived up with a
          vrrp_instance that is configured with use_vmac.  Then delete
          that vrrp_instance from the config file.  Then tell keepalived
          to re-read its config file with SIGHUP.  The vrrp_instance
          will be stopped, but the macvlan interface will remain.  The
          obvious fix would be to add code to call 
          netlink_link_del_vmac() in clear_diff_vrrp().  There's one
          problem with that: the code needs the ifindex of the macvlan
          interface to delete it, but that resides in the interface
          structure that was freed earlier in the reload process.
          My fix is to add a field to the vrrp_rt struct to remember the
          macvlan ifindex. This patch addresses this problem plus two
          others that can occur in reloading the config file:  1) If the
          vrrp_instance configuration is kept, but the use_vmac entry is
          removed, the macvlan interface will not be deleted; 2) If a
          vrrp_instance with use_vmac is left unchanged, the code will
          attempt to re-create the macvlan interface, but this will fail
          and the program will end up not using the macvlan interface.
        * vrrp: VRRP should notify other routers before it does any
          action that effects traffic flow. From John Southworth:
          Move the shutdown_vrrp_instances code to before the deletion
          of sock_pool. Move sending priority 0 adverts to before 
          address removal occurs
        * vrrp: From John Southworth: Stop timers before shutting down
          vrrp instances. This is to avoid a possible condition where
          a priority 0 advertisement is sent and before the master
          thread is killed another advertisement can be generated and
        * vrrp: Change when socket fd's are freed.
          From John Southworth:
          Priority 0 advertisements were not being sent as desired on
          config reload. This was causing long delays on manually failed
          over instances. The socket pool was being freed too early, as
          a result the file descriptor for the socket was no longer
          valid at the time the priority 0 advertisment was attempted.
        * vrrp: Added a separate timeout parameter for vrrp_script
          checks From Jonathan Harden:
          I've added a timeout parameter to the vrrp check scripts which
          allow you to have the check timeout different to the interval.
          When no timeout has been specified the interval is used (which
          mimics the current behaviour).  To explain the reasoning: We
          wanted to have check scripts time out faster than our check
          interval. Doing the check we need to perform is a little load
          intensive and so we don't want to perform it every few
          seconds. With this patch we set an interval of 60 seconds but
          a timeout of 5 seconds (if the check takes more than a few
          seconds then the service is not working correctly).
        * Extended vector lib for futur work
        * some cosmetics.

Have fun,

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