[lvs-users] moving connections across real servers

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Sun Feb 5 19:16:12 GMT 2012

On 2/3/12 4:54 PM, krishna prasad wrote:
> Assuming that my understanding is correct, how complex or big to have a
> feature to support moving connections of failed real server to other real
> server?
As LVS is all layer-4, you're not going to find this functionality - LVS 
doesn't retain any session/L7 information to move the connection from 
one system to another if a real server fails. Since the L7 session 
information is highly application specific, LVS would not be the 
appropriate place for this type of functionality anyway. 99% of the time 
restarting the connection on a new real server is enough, particularly 
when most of the applications of LVS are web servers where the typical 
TCP connection is short lived and the web/app server on the backend has 
some intelligence to deal with failed transactions and retries.

What is your environment/application? Do you have some magic between 
real servers to support the transition of transactions from one server 
to another?


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