[lvs-users] Local Service not Local Node ??

A D hackermuscle at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 17:26:01 BST 2012

Hello all.

I have a two server LVS-DR setup using Keepalived for failover.
Everything is working fine with multiple public VIPs, private real
servers, health checks, etc.

I would like to run an NTP service for the internal network on the LVS
nodes using a VIP.

Note: I already have a separate NTP service running for public client
requests - Public IP VIP routed to two real servers. The proposed
private NTP service and the public can not be mingled.

When the NTP configuration is set to listen on requests from
internal clients are not answered (reply from unexpected source:).
When I set the service to listen on the private VIP the requests are
answered. As expected.

The issue: I cannot set the standby LVS's NTP configuration to listen
on VIP because the LVS server is not aware of it. It will not become
aware of it until it is the active node.

Has anyone run into a similar scenerio. A.k.a clustered service. I
would prefer to not have to start the NTP server manually on the new
active node if/when LVS fails over.

Thanks in advance.


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