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Mon Jun 18 15:06:23 BST 2012

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From: YesGood <sayupirapo at gmail.com>
Date: 2012/6/17
Subject: Re: [lvs-users] LVS + Database
To: David Coulson <david at davidcoulson.net>

Thank you David for your response.

I need Load Balancing of the database cluster formed with 2 or more
database server.

Several clients can to send queries request (read and write ) to the
database servers, who are nodes of the cluster.
So with the load balancing, the answers to the request, can response any
server available, which don't attend a request in this moment.

I see about master-master server, which can offer load balancing, but that
say it's worse than a only server, caused by locking of the write work.
and then, I search other best solution. So I mentioned the master-hot

In this page:

one that can accept connections and serves read-only queries is called a *hot
standby* server.

> You say you want it for performance, but when a system dies you will need
> to be able to support your entire workload on one box.

Please, Can you explain me more ?

Sayuri Komatsu

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