[lvs-users] LVS + Database

Seth Call sethcall at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 02:43:38 BST 2012

If you are set on postgresql + load-balancing, then use bucardo to
implement a master-master postgresql database.

Then, put Haproxy or LVS in front to load balance.

Then, be confused when your application makes a write to one master, and
then selects from another but the data hasn't propagated over.

Ok, fine, then instead implement master-master but do an active/standby.

Then ask yourself why are you using Bucardo just to have active/standby
(which can be done with master/slave + custom scripting or pg-poolII).

Ok, fine, wait until 9.3 postgresql (mid 2013) which pg team says *might*
have native master-master.

Ok, give up on all that.   Just use master/slave, and instead of worrying
about load-balancing, learn how to write good schemas, good queries, use
postgresql 9.1 'unlogged tables' (for 10x faster write performance for
can-lose data), use table partitioning for large tables, use 'WITH
RECURSIVE' to optimize parent/child queries,... or forget optimizing...
just  use postgresql for your relational data but use something like redis
for data that doesn't need powerful SQL-level querying but has high
write/read characteristics.

But I think what everyone is trying to tell you, the path of most
resistance is doing what you say you want.  Academic or not.

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 7:56 PM, YesGood <sayupirapo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> Thanks you Enno Gröper
> On Wed, 20 Jun 2012 Enno Gröper wrote:
> > >    - Now, are there some references, bibliography that speak about
> that?
> > About what? Loadbalancing database servers? The possibilities for that
> > usually depend on the database management system your are using (MySQL,
> > pgsql, Oracle, ...). It's a really specific problem.
> >
> It's for load balancing in general and the load balancing database in
> general.
> First you should know what you really need and what you want to do.
> > Can't your current database server manage the load? Do you want high
> > availability to decrease the time the server is down?
> > If you do it wrong, you could even increase the downtime with high
> > availability due to the complexity this things introduce.
> > Is this all academic interest or do you need to have some production
> > system up and running?
> >
> I really want high availability and load balance for the database server,
> but I think, if first, I build a load balance database, the high
> availability it's offer the load balance without implemented high
> availability with pacemaker or heartbeat. Right?
> It's a academic interest
> --
> Sayuri Komatsu
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