[lvs-users] annoying routing problem with a lvs cluster

Dean Scothern dean.scothern at eduserv.org.uk
Thu Mar 1 13:59:42 GMT 2012

Thank you for your quick reply.

Whilst snat would work I would prefer not to use it as it hides the source ip of the packets, making applications that use ip access lists more problem atic to configure, eg mailservers. Eventually I would expand the clients to include other networks (internet), and would like log analysis to work.
I would prefer not to use a proxy and pass magic headers with the remote ip them either.
The link in question also probably cannot easily apply to redhat/centos 6 as they are based on 2.6.32 kernel and the link mentions 2.6.35, 2.6.36.
Reading further it might be possible to apply the patch set and rebuild the associated kernel modules.

To be honest I hoping for some route configuration magicry, I feel so close and surely there must be a way.

Many Thanks

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You need to SNAT real server traffic going to your real servers.

Quick google found this:


I'm presuming it's in mainline by now, but I know it's not in RHEL/SuSE yet.


On 3/1/12 7:55 AM, Dean Scothern wrote:


I've been experimenting with a slightly non standard lvs cluster arrangement.

I have a set of combined real servers/real clients (each machine has both services and clients) and two machines running lvs as a cluster.

All machines are connected directly to the same two networks: frontend and backend.

The real servers/real clients connect to a service ip on the lvs machines on the frontend network.

The lvs machines run in masq mode and connect to the real servers/real clients on the backend network.

I've configured policy routing on the real servers/real clients backend interfaces to return traffic via a second gateway on the lvs hosts.

This works very well except when a real server/real client connects to its own backend interface via the lvs cluster ip.

I guessing that the local host route means that instead of returning the traffic via the backend gateway on the lvs it tries to go directly locally.

Tcpdump appears to support this guess and if I turn on martian logging  I can see the  traffic.

Initially I thought that reverse path filtering was preventing operation but the problem remained when it was disabled.

Turning on routing had not beneficial effect either.

Ideally I would like to setup routing to override the local table when the policy routing rules are applied, but I'm not sure how.

So far attempts to to do this have failed

Has anyone managed to  do this?

Its more of a routing question so apologies for being slightly off topic.

Best Regards

Dean Scothern

Dr Dean Scothern


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