[lvs-users] SCTP support on real server monitoring tools

krishna prasad krishna.sirigiri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 12:12:56 GMT 2012

   I was exploring options available to monitor real servers in LVS cluster.
Our requirement is  that the real severs can be on TCP or SCTP; and they
don't run the web servers like HTTP or FTP or any regular services. They
listen on any configured port; basically service is proprietary application
on tcp or sctp.
With this back ground, I realized that recent LVS has SCTP support and I am
happy on this;and came across 3 real server monitoring tools 1) Ldirectord
2)Keepalived 3) mon.

These are my questions
1) Does any of the above 3 methods support real server monitoring on SCTP (
I am sure all three support TCP)

2) I think all 3 methods support checking some proprietary real service
checks other than the standard services like HTTP/LDAP/FTP etc..(I think
all 3 have a simple connection check mechanism). Please confirm if my
understanding is correct?

Any help on this is highly appreciated.


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