[lvs-users] LVS-NAT ICMP destination host unreachable

Ricardo Monsalve ricardo at ontic.es
Thu Mar 15 16:08:57 GMT 2012


There are 4 servers, Front1 front2 back1 Back2
Front1 and front2 are load balancers and real servers
Back2 back1 and are real servers

All nodes are in the same subnet, gateway is to

front1 front2  are configured with LVS-NAT and have the virtual ip

By accessing the services balanced by the virtual ip from any ip that is not in
the cluster, it does well and speed is 10Mb/s

In front1 if connect to virtual ip and port that would be redirected to
back1 and Back2, the connection is sucesfull, but the speed is very slow 2kb
/s, and watching the traffic, there are many ICMP destination
unreachable packages coming
from the ip to througt interface loopback ¿?


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