[lvs-users] Anything special about DNS?

Matthew Smart msmart at smartsoftwareinc.com
Thu Mar 15 21:41:45 GMT 2012

I have setup numerous lvs instances in the past without issue. I have 
configured a basic LVS DR that works fine balancing port 80 but will not 
work for port 53. Exact same setup for both ports including the same 
realservers. Both HTTP and DNS function if I access the realservers 
directly and I can ping and telnet (both ports) the realservers from the 
director. 80 works but 53 just keeps printing:

nanny[2034]: READ to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:53 timed out

in /var/log/messages.

Is there something special about port 53 that could be getting in my way 

I am using piranha and since nanny is printing the error I will most 
likely need to try their list but I thought I would check here to see if 
there was something fundamental about LVS that I needed to know before I 
bang my head against this any longer.

Thanks in advance.

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